Research Secrets Part Two

May 24, 2016

Research for my short erotic series has been quite interesting and often fun. Just ask my husband. But we'll keep today's post PG-13 as promised. The links will take you into Rated R territory, so be warned of that.


Like any fictional story I write, making it realistic is very important to me, as is having a strong story. Now there's a lot of erotica out there that obviously is not exactly "deep" in the intelligent sense of the word. Alas, I'm kind of a geek, so I decided to get right down to the science involved in massage and other therapies. 


The Magic Massage erotic series is all about a not-so-ordinary masseuse named Sophie and clients who benefit from the magic of her touch. Not just kinky-wise, mind you, but each person who discovers her mysterious little shop is lacking something in their lives. Clint, the cowboy in Sophie and the Cowboy, for instance, needs to relax from the stresses of running his father's ranch solo. He's also got another problem weighing him down, but I won't give you any spoilers! Rest assured, Sophie knows her stuff, and here's one article from Shape Magazine I referred to in writing Clint's session with Sophie:


8 New Ways to Touch Your Guy During Sex





There's a ton of science behind sex, and it's fascinating to read about it. The article above referenced eight awesome spots on a guy that Sophie expertly used during their session. They're erogenous zones, with high concentrations of nerve endings that are sure to arouse when properly stimulated.



Now, some of these have long been used as acupressure points in the arts of Shiatsu and Reflexology. A very useful article I referred to when writing Sophie & the Socialite was this one from AskMen:





Make the Most Out of Her Pressure Points in Bed



For both stories, I also consulted one of the premier experts in adult toys and products, Adam & Eve. This place has it all, from the tame to the WHOA! It's definitely one place I'd encourage you to look for spicing up things with your honey. Totally discreet shipping too. If you're like me and can't stand to set foot in a physical adult toy store (they smell like latex and desperation), you'll like this method of shopping. And because I'm nice and all, here's a super duper code you can use through the month of May.

You're welcome.


Next in my research series, we'll see what's behind all the laughs and donuts at The Roche Hotel, my very sweet and funny romantic comedy series




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