Celebrate #WineDay!

May 25, 2016


Guess what day it is? Well, yes, it's also Hump Day, but better than that...it's National Wine day! Here are a few great facts about wine from NapaValley.com:


  • Vineyards cover roughly 7.5 million hectares (almost 18 million acres) across the globe, with Spain, China, France, Italy, Turkey, and the United States being the top grape growing countries.

  • The largest wine producers, however, are France, Italy, Spain, the U.S., and Argentina. France produced 1.2 billion gallons of wine in 2014, according to statistics from The Wine Institute, a trade group. The U.S. produced just over 830 million gallons.

  • When fermenting red wine, winemakers usually include the skin and other parts of the fruit along with the wine juice, causing the wine to taste bolder and look darker. White wines are made from only the fruit juice.

  • Research shows that white wines keep lung tissues healthy.

  • While sparkling wine, meaning a wine with carbon dioxide bubbles, can be grown anywhere, only sparkling wine grown in the Champagne region of northeast France can be called Champagne.

  • Although winemakers will claim a wine has certain flavors like blueberries, citrus, or even dirt, wines aren’t actually “flavored” with anything. The flavors come from the grapes and the process. Infused wines, meaning wines that have been mixed with other fruit juices, are actually flavored.

  • Wine is famous for complimenting food, and different wines pair well with different meals. In very broad terms, white wines pair better with fish, poultry, and vegetables; reds go better with red meat.



NapaValley.com also has some great wine-tasting tips for all of us amateur sommeliers. 


For my fellow Kentucky wine lovers, here is a fabulous book chronicling all the wineries in Kentucky (as of 2015). Beautiful pictures, so it's also a wonderful coffee-table book. Celebrate #WineDay and grab a copy of Wineing Your Way Across Kentucky:


 I'm quite fond of a semi-dry Shiraz and Pinot Noir myself.  What are your favorite wines?










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