National Coffee Day 2016

September 29, 2016


This may be the best day ever for us writers and readers. What goes better with books than coffee? I'm giddy. Not only is it delicious and can pep you up with a dose of caffeine, but here are 5 possible health benefits of drinking coffee:

  1.  Longevity - A 2012 study showed that people aged 50-71 who drank at least one cup of coffer per day had a lower risk of dying from diabetes, heart disease and other health issues. 

  2.  Mood-booster - Coffee may actually reduce depression. A Harvard study showed that women who drank 4 + cups a day were 20% less likely to have depression than non-coffee drinkers. 

  3.  Antioxidants - Coffee contains tons of antioxidants, more than any other food. 

  4. Lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes - Those who increased their consumption by more 8 oz cup per day were 11% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. But this doesn't count if you're scarfing down donuts or adding 4 packs of sugar to your coffee. "Hey, want some coffee with that sugar?"

  5. Caffeine doesn't pose a problem to most people - Most of us can safely consume 400 mg of caffeine (2-4 cups) a day. If you're pregnant, have an anxiety disorder, IBS or heart disease, you have to watch your intake. 

If you've ever watched Dr. Axe's videos about natural health, he's got some great points about why coffee is good and why it may be not so good. You know, moderation and all that. Grab a cup and watch. 



Thirsty for a great cup of Joe? Here are a few places you can score a free or discounted cup:

 If you enjoy a donut or two on occasion (who doesn't), I'm giving away a $10 Dunkin Donuts card as part of a blog tour for The Roche Hotel romantic comedy series. While you're there, check out all three books in the series - It's based on some real stories that happened during my days as a front desk clerk in a Louisville, KY hotel. Sure, a lot of stuff’s made up purely from my crazy imagination, but there were 5:00 AM donuts—delicious fresh from the bakery. Henry the Donut Guy—not real, but I wouldn’t have argued one bit if he had been! Among the many other true-to-life items that appear at The Roche Hotel are a popcorn machine, a Muzak that never played at the right volume, at least one “lady of the night”, and a dead body. These are all short, sweet, and very clean stories.


Click the pic below to enter the giveaway!






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