A Day in the Life of a Publisher

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in producing your favorite books? My "Day in the Life" series gives you an inside look at the work involved from those who help authors bring their stories to life. We'll hear from publishers, editors, cover designers, and more. 


Let's welcome Nancy Schumacher, from Melange Books, currently the home of my Tallenmere Fantasy Romance Series


Thanks, Mysti, for asking me to tell you about my work and life as a publisher.


I’ll begin by saying that ‘diversity’ is the name of the game in the small press publishing world. The work of a publisher is multi-faceted, and can change from day to day.


Because Melange is a small press, with 3 acquiring editors, 16 editors, 6 artists, 2 proofreaders and 2 formatters, many times I will assist in every area with the exception of artwork. I am the most un-artistic person on our team, but I know what I like when I see a cover.


Here is what happens in my day:

  • I generally start out the day early in the morning by reading my email at 6 email addresses. Melange has separate addresses for author-publisher communication, for submissions, acquiring, editing, etc. and yahoo chat lists for authors and fans. This can take sometimes up to 2 hours a day.

  • The next hour or so I sift through submissions to our house and see if anything needs immediate looking at or a response from me. If I see something I initially think looks interesting I send it off to an acquiring editor to look over. Our usual response time to accept or reject a manuscript can be up to 16 weeks. It takes time to look at each manuscript.

  • The next several hours I work at finalizing, formatting our next several books for publication release in the next 4-6 weeks. I load books at our print vendor, order the print proof for the author to check over again before release also.

  • I then respond again to authors emailing me about various stages of their book’s release.

  • I start to receive responses on books to accept or reject from the acquiring editor, look them over and send out the appropriate letters. I type up the contracts and send them to the authors for books we’re accepting, and make sure I have them listed on our release calendars.

  • I will then work on listing our latest releases at vendor sites we do on our own such as All Romance Ebooks and eBookstrand, Smashwords, etc…

  • Then, if I have time, I go out and search the ‘net’ for reviews on our books and forward them to the authors to be sure they receive them.

  • I check out various ways to promote our books, including sending information to authors and inquiring costs, etc. with these promo places.

  • In between all of this I work on royalties as vendor reports and monies come in for each individual author. I also work on tax stuff that needs to be done.

As you can see, a publisher wears many hats and I love every minute of my work day!


Check out some of the recent releases from Melange Books:

Nancy Schumacher is the owner-publisher of Melange Books, LLC, writing under the pseudonyms, Nancy Pirri and Natasha Perry. She is a member of Romance Writers of America. She is also one of the founders of the RWA chapter, Northern Lights Writers (NLW), and is a member of Midwest Fiction Writers and Romancing the Lakes chapters in Minnesota.


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