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March 29, 2017

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Hi there.


I have had four books published now, three non-fiction and my first novel was released in December, but I have plenty of other books ticking away in the back rooms of my mind.


I have always been interested in writing, even from a small girl. I was constantly making up stories and living in a different world. I'm not much different now, I day-dream so much of the time I'm sure people think I'm one of these mad spinsters, as I wander down the street talking and laughing to myself. But that's the beauty of having an imagination! What a special gift to be able to live in two worlds at once and be able to convey this made-up universe to others!The road can be long and hard, but at the same time writing can be one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. So here are a few tips I use...hope they'll be of some inspiration!


1. Read. Read as many different and varied books as you can possibly fit into your day. It's great for expanding your vocabulary, helping your grammar but also opens the doors to the creative juices.


2. Go out. It's no good sitting in front of a blank screen for hours on end. This only drains you, and your battery, so get out, do something you enjoy.


3. Be open. Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be from a scene you see in a cafe, from a look a child gives her father, a sentence you overheard on a bus. It doesn't matter if it's not relevant to the particular story you're working on, inspiration is inspiration and always food for an author's soul.


4. Relax. You'll never get anywhere if you are sitting down to write while thinking about a million other jobs you should be doing. Make time for writing and forget everything else during that time.


5. Make notes. Always have a jotter in your pocket. Whenever you can, think about your story, about the characters, the plot. While you're waiting for the kettle to boil, the elevator to start...don't waste these opportunities and when inspiration does strike, write it down. Even a few words can help jog the memory later.


6. Be organised. Know where all your notes and folders are so that as soon as you step into that block of time you've allowed for writing, you can begin, no procrastinations.


7. Stay positive. Starting a new book might seem like you're standing at the bottom of a very large mountain. Yes, it is a long climb, but don't focus on the top, stop and enjoy the view every step of the way. Writing should be a pleasure in itself.


8. Have a plan of where your story is going, but don't be too rigid. Let it flow. Once you open the doors to creativity, the universe conspires to help you.


9. Show someone. Have that trusted person you can share drafts with and bounce ideas off. It can open up so many new avenues.


10. Write! Every day, just write. It's so important to stay in the story, be immersed in it. You can edit later, but for now, just write!


Hope you find something helpful in these tips. I think writing is one of the most wondrous things in life and I would encourage anyone with an interest to have a go, even if it's just for yourself. Enjoy!


English author, Susanna O'Neill's debut novel SAVING GRACE, was released December 6th, 2016, through Melange Books, LLC. The book is available in print format from and in eBook format through and


After a somewhat nomadic existence Susanna O’Neill now lives on the north east coast of England, with her laptop, three surf boards and green fingers. During the day she works for a conservation charity, but by night she juggles her hectic social life with writing, both fact and fiction. She has three books published with The History Press but Saving Grace is the first of many novels which preoccupy her mind. Casually approaching forty, Susanna has lived a full and varied life, yet is happy in the knowledge that there is still time to try the things she hasn’t done. And she enjoys every minute of it!


About Saving Grace



A novel of trust, friendship, love and betrayal. Grace returns home after years living abroad and the first face she sees throws her emotions into turmoil. How could she have forgotten Charlie, her very first love? The presence of the estranged Eddie, Charlie’s twin brother, painfully reminds her of the tragic past they share but he seems as reluctant to talk about it as Grace does. Her mind is somewhat preoccupied with her new life, however...and her new boss, who leads her on a thrilling journey through the world of art. That is until the violent ex-lover she was trying to escape re-enters her life, bringing with him a dark underworld of treachery and heartache. This envelops everyone she cares for, drawing them into a complex web of mystery, menace and romance.

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