Top 10 Ways to Make a Duke a Demon Duke

June 16, 2017

1. Dress him in all black. All the time.


2. Make him wear skull pins in his cravat.


3. Give him ebony hair and blue eyes that make him look both angelic and devilish at the same time. (Cough cough Ian Somerhalder cough cough)


4. Have him cast out from his family at a young age.


5. Let him live in an abandoned abbey in Yorkshire.


6. Give him a three-legged cat name Cerberus. You know, for the three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades.


7. Make him uncaring about all the rules of the.


8. Give him an uncle hell-bent on destroying him.


9. Make sure rumors fly concerning his mysterious past, rumors that ensure most people wish to avoid him.


10. Give him a secret, a secret so painful he doesn’t want it revealed to anyone.

 The Demon Duke


Behind every good man is a great secret.


Banished to Yorkshire as a boy for faults his father failed to beat out of him, Damon Blackbourne has no use for English society and had vowed never to return to his family’s estate at Thorne Hill, much less London. However, when his father and brother die in a freak carriage accident, it falls on Damon to take up the mantle of the Malford dukedom and to introduce his sisters to London Society–his worst nightmare come to life.


He never planned on Lady Grace Mattersley. The beautiful debutante stirs him body and soul with her deep chocolate eyes and hesitant smiles. Until she stumbles across his dark secret.


Bookish Grace much prefers solitude and reading to social just-about-anything. Her family may be pressuring her to take on the London Season to find herself a husband, but she has other ideas. Such as writing a novel of her own. But she has no idea how to deal with the Duke of Malford.


Will she betray him to the world? Or will she be his saving Grace?



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 A lover of romance novels since the age of ten (don't tell her mom!), Margaret Locke declared as a teen she'd write romances when she was older. Once an adult, however, she figured she ought to be doing grownup things, not penning love stories. Thank goodness turning forty cured her of that silly notion. Margaret is now happily ensconced back in the clutches of her first crush, this time as an author as well as a reader. Because love matters.


Margaret lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with her fantastic husband, two fabulous kids, and three fat cats. You can usually find her in front of some sort of screen (electronic or window); she's come to terms with the fact she's not an outdoors person.






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